[jcifs] URLStreamHandler [was jcifs bug]

Allen, Michael B (RSCH) Michael_B_Allen at ml.com
Thu Mar 28 12:22:22 EST 2002

Well getDeafultPort is a 1.3 feature but that's not a big deal and I cannot argue your conclusions about the parsing contract. If the 1.1 parser handles auth info in the server then that would be
great. I can't help but think I tried and failed to do that long ago but I don't remember. Definately worth a try.



I know the authority stuff is only 1.3; the point is the Url is not
properly constructed until setURL is called, that it wont be if there is an
exception.  We turn
around and stuff the url.toString into a database, we cannot
stuff (null)!  So - you are right - using the URL will fail
because it is not initialized when openCon is called - but people may
want to use the URL as an object [data].  Can't change parse's contract.
"Parses the string representation of a URL into a URL object."

Anyway, if you don't override parseURL, it should work from 1.1+


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> Oh, the only thing you should override is
> int getDefaultPort()
> the domain should be interpretted as part of the hostname for previous
> incarnations.
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