[jcifs] New user questions

Christopher R.Hertel crh at ubiqx.mn.org
Sun Mar 17 18:33:35 EST 2002

> > [Mike:  I'm missing something.  The second attempt has a TrnID of 2, not 1
> >         like the first.  Shouldn't there be three tries, all with the same
> >         TrnID?]
> Are you sure thr TrnIDs are supposed to be the same? That may have been
> true at one time but it's possible it's just wrong now.

Running Samba's nmblookup I see all three attempts (for a non-existant
name) using the same TrnID.  Likewise using nbtstat on a W/98 system.


> Regarding retries jCIFS does 2 tries and waits three seconds for each
> response instead of 3 tries for 5 seconds each accoring to the spec. That
> cuts the wait time in half but reduces the likelyhood of success by much
> less than half (probably 0.0000000001% :~). The bottom line is 15 seconds
> is ridiculous.

I agree that the 15 seconds is silly.  I would do something like:

[1 sec]
[2 sec]
[3 sec]

Still totals 6 seconds max.  If all three use the same TrnID then a reply
to the initial query can take up to 6 seconds to show up and still be

My 2cents.

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