[jcifs] New user questions

Tony Thompson tony.thompson at stone-ware.com
Thu Mar 14 09:40:14 EST 2002


I am attempting to run the example SmbShell provided with the distribution and just about anything I have tried results in an UnknownHostException.  The FAQ talks about this exception but, I don't know how to specify the host when I am using SmbShell.  Any pointers?

The other issue that I have is the way SmbFile works.  It appears that I can only have one SmbFile instance hanging around in a JVM because of the way authentication is handled (it uses a static AuthHandler).  I need to be able to create several connections to a CIFS server with potentially different users authenticated on each connection all within the same JVM instance.  Is there a way to do this?

Once I have a connection, I will be performing several operations via the same connection (don't authenticate each time) and then disconnecting the connection.  Is there a way to keep a session connected and then disconnect it when I am done?  I couldn't find a way to disconnect a session.

Thanks for any help.

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