[jcifs] URL encoding

Talbot David chukhonets at hotmail.com
Sat Mar 9 14:32:56 EST 2002

>What "standard windows client"? The smbclient program will not negotiate
>Unicode (actually the latest and greatest might but I don't think vanilla
>2.2 does).

I traced the packets generated when the same directory is accessed via 
"Network Computer" on Win 98.

> > and the non-ascii characters seem to have their native
> > encoding values. I suppose treating the path as a byte array should 
> > I'll give it go.

>It sounds like the server is negotiating ASCII (a.k.a the platform
>dependent 8 bit codepage). If this is indeed the case you are in uncharted

Probably not the right territory for me just yet ;)

By the way which class actually has the job of converting the url string 
into bytes that make up the SMB request packet? I assume that's where I'd 
need to start.


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