[jcifs] Problem connecting to NetWare

Christopher R. Hertel crh at ubiqx.mn.org
Fri Jun 14 14:30:02 EST 2002

Tony Thompson wrote:
> I just received word today that Novell will acknowledge that it is a bug
> (trust me, this is a major hurdle).

Trust me... I know. ;)

> They have a support pack due to be released at the end of July but they
> don't think it will make it in there so the next date that they should
> hit will be the end of September.  This information may change tomorrow
> but, it is the best I have for now.

It's good news.

> Mike took a couple of days more than normal to implement the workaround
> (because of testing, of course) in jCIFS but, he still beat the pants
> off of Novell!

That reminds me of a rant I wanted to have...

There's an article from the New Zealand edition of Computer World that
really torques me off.  Jeremy (Samba Team) sent us the link:


Here's a quotation:

   'An example Biggs gives is the authentication utility in Samba, an
    open source tool for connecting Unix and Microsoft Windows platforms.
    "The latest version at the time we looked at it was supported on a
    best-endeavours basis by someone called Tpot, which upholds our
    contention that you have to be careful that there is a support
    capability behind an open source product."'

For crying out loud!  He's complaining because he can sometimes get
*direct access to the developers*.  How often do you get that with
Novell, or Microsoft, or any other commercial products?

Sorry, that was completely unnecessary (but I enjoyed it).  :)

Thanks Tony!

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