[jcifs] Question about NT Domains

Allen, Michael B (RSCH) Michael_B_Allen at ml.com
Thu Jun 13 11:18:40 EST 2002

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> Well, I figured out part of my problem.  In SmbFile, my changePassword() method was using send() instead
> of sendTransaction() to send the SamOemChangePassword request.  Once I got past that, the request is
> actually showing up on the wire but looks like it is corrupt.  That is probably my lack of knowledge of the
> jCIFS internals.  Here is what my method currently looks like:
> public void changePassword( String newPassword ) throws SmbException {
>    sendTransaction( new SamOemChangePassword( authInfo.username, authInfo.password, newPassword
> ), new SamOemChangePasswordResponse() );
> }
> Attached is a trace of the attempt to change the password.  The packet, according to the decode, seems
> to have an invalid function number (41791) and descriptor string (i.e. it was corrupted somehow).
	Hi Tony,

	I took a look at your code a little more carefully. I can see a few problems.

	Everything is being written into the Parameters section of the message. If you look at the doc on RAP on
	SamOemChangePassword, there are a few things written in the "Transaction Parameters Request
	Section" but it says the 532 byte databuffer is supposed to go in the "Transaction Request Data Section".
	So you just need to arraycopy that in the writeDataWireFormat (emphesis on "Data") method as opposed
	to the writeParameterWordsWireFormat (emphisis on "ParameterWords") method. The NetServerEnum2
	and NetServerEnum RAP calls from which you are basing your code just happen to not have anything in
	the Data section. Notice how the SamOemChangePassword response does not contain any Data whereas
	NetServerEnum2 and NetShareEnum do.

	The writeString method writes a string in a UCS2-LE encoding. On the wire this looks like a regular string
	but with zeros in between each character. You would not use this method unless you know
	that a string should be written in Unicode. For copying parameter descriptor strings and chunks of data use
	the System.arraycopy method. Just handle the parameter descriptor strings like they are in the
	NetServerEnum2 and NetShareEnum code.

	Looking at your latest pcap, there's nothing but total garbage after the pipe name. I'm not sure why this is
	happening but you definately don't want to set the subCommand to NET_SERVER_ENUM2 like you have.
	You should add static final int SAM_OEM_CHANGE_PASSWORD = 0x00D6;(d6 is hex for 214) to
	SmbComTransaction.java and then writeInt2 it and not 214 directly.

	You will also need to adjust maxParameterCount see:


	for a description of what MaxParameterCount means but a packet capture would make all of this much


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