[jcifs] Question about NT Domains

Allen, Michael B (RSCH) Michael_B_Allen at ml.com
Wed Jun 5 14:27:26 EST 2002

Not really. There's a RAP function for this but jCIFS doesn't have it built in and it probably wouldn't work
on post-NT Windoze boxes anyway. We'd need DCE/RPC.

Adding the RAP call wouldn't be too hard though. Just copy the NetServerEnum2/NetServerEnum2Response
pair to something like SamOemChangePassword/SamOemChangePasswordResponse.java and change the
parameters to match those discussed on page 32 of this document:


Then add a static SmbFile.changePassword( String domain, String username, String oldPassword,
String newPassword ) throws SmbException (or something). The meat of it would look a lot like any other
SmbFile method. You would probably need a packet capture of the call so you could compare wire
formats and verify it all worked ok.

Otherwise, wait for DCE/RPC (don't hold your breath) or use Runtime.exec to call smbpasswd from
Samba suite of rundll on some dll I don't know anything about.


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> I know this question is not really meant for this mailing list but, I thought someone out here might
> be able to point me in the right direction.  I am looking for a way to change a user's password on
> an NT domain from a Java application.  Can anyone provide some insight?
> Thanks for tolerating my email.  I will try not to let it happen again.
> Tony

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