[jcifs] localization problems

Dmitry Khlonin dmitry at khlonins.com
Sun Jul 14 10:24:22 EST 2002

>	Ahhh. I see. I was under the impression that clients would run in an appropriate locale
>	like ru_RU.cp866 (not sure if that encoding is legal) in which case new String() would
>	automatically use Cp866 to decode byte[] arrays. What locale is the client running in?
>	ISO-8859-5? I suppose it would be reasonable to add a property to change this behavior.
>	Did you say you need to control this on a server by server basis or would a global
>	parameter do the job? I don't know enough about how locales are controlled in Java and 
>	what typical client/server arrangements in non-english locations are like.
global. This is standard for russian LANs

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