[jcifs] localization problems

Dmitry Khlonin dmitry at khlonins.com
Wed Jul 10 06:53:22 EST 2002

I  use jcifs and find some problems in part of localization.
Some history:
In russian locale we have about 6 base encodings of russian language in 
one-byte size
( Cp866, Cp1251, KOI8_r,  ISO 8859-5 ...)
and Unicode and UTF8 at all.

In the case of mixing in the Windows Network - share names in Cp866 and 
all other in Unicode
(this is for NT/2k/XP hosts) and Cp866 for all (for 9x hosts).
In the code of creating filenames and sharenames from packets I 
hard-code this encoding
in the String creating methods (this is only for me), but question - 
will you have include some parameter
for jcifs library for case of localization?

P.S. Sorry for my bad English

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