[jcifs] SMB URL

Christopher R. Hertel crh at ubiqx.mn.org
Sun Jul 7 06:47:15 EST 2002

I need to get a new SMB URL draft into the IETF.  The current is set to 

Some quick thoughts:

- I went over the list of parameters that can be set using the ?<query> 
  syntax and removed a few (per Mike's suggestion, IIRC).  The current 
  list is:

      nbt_param     = ( ( "NBNS=" | "WINS=" ) host )
                      | ( "NBDD=" host )
                      | ( "SCOPE=" hostname )
                      | ( "CALLED=" netbiosname )
                      | ( "CALLING=" netbiosname )
                      | ( ( "WORKGROUP=" | "NTDOMAIN=" ) nbtname )
                      | ( "RESOLVE=" nbt_resorder )

- In the current draft, you can specify:


  I'm thinking that it would be better to disallow the specification of 
  the scope in the server field.  Instead, you would have to write the
  above as:


- This is the controversial one...
  In the current draft, you can type:


  and if <name> resolves to a workgroup name you will get the browselist 
  for that workgroup (assuming it's available somewhere).  I am thinking 
  that we could change that to:


  to get the browselist for that workgroup.


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