[jcifs] named pipes like with mkfifo

Brett B. Tofel Brett.B.Tofel at Dartmouth.EDU
Thu Jan 24 05:38:40 EST 2002

forgive me for just not getting it, but if you could enlighten me, I'd really
appreciate it.

i need the type of functionality that mkfifo provides on unix but on NT systems

how to do this? i have spent lot's of time playing around with the createnp.exe
sample and I can get it work with the java CallNamedPipe example. that is, it
passed the info from in to out files via the pipe. great!

But how can I make it so i have a regular file that any old program that knows
nothing about pipes can write to and then my java app reads from the named

I played with the createf.exe sample and did not get that to work... 

any help appreciated,
brett tofel

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