[jcifs] Timeout under load

Rob Wygand rob at filefish.com
Sat Jan 19 10:02:13 EST 2002


Using beta4 (which admittedly I should upgrade, but I cannot at the 
moment) I'm seeing an odd exception under load.  If I load our server up 
with simulated users and have them continually perform actions for say, 
20 minutes or more, I will eventually see this exception:  Exception 
listing file: Timeout waiting for response from server.<00>/ The error class is 0x20 and the error code is 5000.

Samba is still running on the machine in question, and I can access it 
just fine using smbfs or smbclient, so it's definetly something on the 
client side. Also, once this exception occurs, that jCIFS no longer 
works -- it continues to report the same exception even though the 
server is running.

Was/is this a known issue? If not, any thoughts on what might be causing it?

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