[Fwd: Re: [jcifs] CIFS specs used for developing JCIFS]

Allen, Michael B (RSCH) Michael_B_Allen at ml.com
Mon Jan 14 12:17:31 EST 2002

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> From:	Christopher R. Hertel [SMTP:crh at ubiqx.mn.org]
> >         Yes, they changed there site around quite a bit. I think this
> >         stuff is still there but it's been re-org'd. The real problem
> >         is all the framing and redirects. Otherwise the content is good.
> I can't seem to find the CIFS vendor's list page, or what used to be their
> CIFS main page.  There were some others...
> Anything you find that is valuable, let's add it back to the jCIFS page so
> that others can find it too.
	I don't remember their CIFS pages being very informative. If anything, I think
	msdn would be more informative technically. The *real* stuff was and still is
	available by ftp from them here:


	The Samba guys have copies laying around:


	Otherwise I think I fixed at least to links into their site. One was the WINS
	one about browsing across subnets:


	and the other was to the Named Pipes MSDN page.

	BTW If you didn't notice the TINI project link died (so did the project I think).


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