[jcifs] Re: jCIFS and WebNFS

Brian Topping brian at ponoi.com
Tue Feb 19 11:41:34 EST 2002

Quoting Michael B Allen <mballen at erols.com>:


> Well you know then that jCIFS does not do the NETLOGON DCE/RPC call
> directly to the domain controller then right? Are you using the open a
> file on some file server and tweek that files ACLs trick?

Um, yeah, I like that one :)  Thanks for the tip.

> The code is LGPL but what that means is that modifying the library
> requires that you supply the source of those changes to whomever you
> intend to sell or give away your modified jCIFS derived product to
> (but read the LGPL for details).


I should have done that myself, sorry for the rambling.

> PS: Please send these messages directly to the list.

Apologies again, I didn't put together the list and that you would still be on 
it a year later.  Mea culpa.  



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