[jcifs] getName weirdness...

rjw rob at wygand.com
Tue Feb 5 10:22:35 EST 2002


If you attempt to list the shares on a server without a trailing slash 
on the URL ("smb://" vs. "smb://"), jCIFS returns 
everything after the "smb://" as the name name of the requested file 
when you call getName(). If you use the trailing slash (which is 
correct), jCIFS returns "smb://" when you call getName(). Really neither 
of these behaviors are correct, IMO.

First, bevahior should be consistent, or jCIFS should throw a malformed 
exception when the trailing slash is left off,or something.

Second, it would be wiser to return null, an empty string, or throw an 
exception when there is no name, rather than "smb://".

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