[jcifs] Using Weblogic 6.1

Carson Gross carsongross at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 19 03:49:56 EST 2002


[Sorry for the repost.  My bad.]  This is regarding jcifs-0.7.0b10

First off, thank you all very much for your hard work.  I'm amazed that any of
this stuff works at all, let alone as well as it is.

I'm posting this because I couldn't dig it up via Google, and I hope that it
will either make it into the code base (unlikely), or it will help some other
poor sap get the NtlmHttpFilter working with Weblogic 6.1.  Basically, Weblogic
had a non-standard implementation of the j2ee filter spec (because it was
realeased before the spec was finalized).  Because of this, there are a few
methods that are named differently or don't exist in the final spec. To get the
NtlmHttpFilter working:

Add the following at line 105 in NtlmHttpFilter.java

    //Added by cgross to work with weblogic 6.1.  Lamers
    public void setFilterConfig(FilterConfig f){
	try{init(f);} catch(Exception e){ e.printStackTrace();}
    public FilterConfig getFilterConfig(){return null;}

And recompile.  You should then be able to deploy successfully, and use ntlm
authentication for your weblogic web apps.

I hope this helps someone avoid wasting a day on this like I did.

Carson Gross

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