[jcifs] NtlmSsp - Closing sessions?

Bazyl, Steven sbazyl at rsasecurity.com
Wed Dec 18 09:44:19 EST 2002

I'm interested in using the NtlmSSP interface but while looking through the
source I noticed that it is not possible to terminate individual sessions
(nor even get an SmbSession reference - its not part of public API.)  This
may be a problem if handling lots of authentications, particular when the
primary interest is in initial authentication (such as with the servlet
filter) rather than a prolonged/interactive sessions.  I just want to do
something like the following:

SmbSession session = null;
try {
  session = SmbSession.logon( dc, authinfo );
} catch( SmbAuthException e ) {
  // handle invalid login...
} catch( SmbException e ) {
  // handle general failure...
} finally {
  if( session != null ) {

Any thoughts on making the following changes?

- Change SmbSession.logon to return the SmbSession instance.
- Make SmbSession.logoff(...) public.  Also have it remove the session from
the SmbTransport's list of sessions.



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