Resolved: [jcifs] on Tomcat Server

andrea.lanza at andrea.lanza at
Wed Dec 11 23:52:46 EST 2002

OK, at the end I found my error !

I tried to use the -Djava.protocol.handler.pkgs=jcifs in the server startup
(it is a parameter to add to the tomcat service in the windows registry,
JVM Option Number X and JVM Option Count)
but nothing changed (expected: I already saw that was not a System Property

Then I tried to add the jcifs.jar file to the -Djava.class.path argument in
the server startup, and this solved the problem !

Previously I only had the jcifs classes "exploded" (I mean extracted from
the jar file in a directory structure)
 under the classes directory of my web application.

Probably my servlet succeded in using jcifs classes founding them in its
directory, but was obviously elsewhere and with
no path to reach jcifs classes.

So I was right : Tomcat is innocent, and the problem was my ignorance of it
(how to add a classpath to a web application)

Sorry to have stolen some of your time, but now you know that Tomcat is OK
for jcifs.


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