WG: AW: [jcifs] Member in Domain?

Müller Jens Jens.Mueller at dbv-winterthur.de
Wed Dec 11 19:01:16 EST 2002

I've set the jcifs.resolveOrder property to DNS and it is now very fast.
The problem with the access-denied-exception exists further.

If I found more out, I will write again. Maybee that it helps others...

Thanks for you support!


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> A name service timeout is 6 seconds. It's probably trying and failing
> to do a NetBIOS broadcast lookup. If 'NAME-OF-DC' is a NetBIOS name
> set your jcifs.netbios.wins property. Otherwise skip NetBIOS by setting
> jcifs.resolveOrder=DNS and use the DNS name. Or use the IP.
> ...
> The entity represented by the specified domain and user is not permitted
> to access \\NAME-OF-DC\IPC$ or the password was wrong (although I think
> you should get 'Bad password' for that) which is a pretty good indication
> that the entity is not in that host's SAM database. Varify your domain
> and username before passing it to the SmbSession.logon method. Also,
> passwords are case sensitive. Otherwise, were pretty confident that it
> actually works :~)
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