[jcifs] AGAIN ! java.net.MalformedURLException: unknown protocol: smb

andrea.lanza at frameweb.it andrea.lanza at frameweb.it
Wed Dec 11 04:10:48 EST 2002

Sorry to be so ........

Do you remember me ? I had the problem in object due to my use of java 1.1
(Websphere Server)

Now I installed a tomcat server on windows platform, with Sun jdk

I got exactly the same problem !

If I Invoke
            Class.forName( "jcifs.Config" );

I don't get any Class not found exception doing this.

The question is: is there any method proper to java.net.URL in java 2 NOT
PRESENT in java 1 ??

So I could try to invoke that method in order to see if I get a method not
present exception or something like this..... (the old suspect of still
using a "piece" of java 1 code...)

This becouse I actually don't have a JAVA 2 development environment...

About this point : what development tools do you suggest me ???? I always
used IBM VisualAge for Java.

thanks in advance, Andrea

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