[jcifs] Domain Corruption Quantified (Win98/ME non-compliance with CIFS std)

Matthew Tippett matthew at casero.com
Tue Dec 3 09:05:16 EST 2002


Managed to get the error repeatable. It is a little bit subtle, but 
still could be quite nasty.  It is a mix of CIFS non compliance of the 
win98 SMB codebase (as found in 98 and ME, nice one for you Chris).

Firstly, when reading in a number of bytes from the wire, it is placed 
over a 64k buffer which appears to be re-used.  Now java initialises 
arrays to be full of '0's.

Then along comes the first request, the array is nice and pristine, and 
so the code scanning for the nulls finds it straight away returns a 
'null' domain.

When the next request comes along, the buffer already has some extra 
data placed into it and so when it parses the data, it puts 'crap' in 
the URL field.

The CIFS standard defines the response as having the DOMAIN and DC 
fields when returning LANMAN2.1 responses.

The ethereal protocol-dissector for smb, tries to get a string and if 
the string is null it calls it a day.  This can be seen in the dumps 
that I have made previously.

Soo...  To solve this, there are three options,

	o Look at the capabilities fields and determine if there is a
	o Zero out the buffer (Not recommended)
	o Look back at the Encryption key length field determine what
length of the key is.

I will await guidance for resolution.




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