[jcifs] Problem accesing shares with multibyte characters.

Allen, Michael B (RSCH) Michael_B_Allen at ml.com
Mon Dec 2 09:55:21 EST 2002

Which version of jCIFS are you using? If you look at the overview page of the API documentation
for the latest beta you'll see there's a 'jcifs.encoding' property that can be set like:


which will specify that all strings decoding and encoded from/to a server are in the specified
encoding. I just noticed that this property is not being read correctly though. If you specify the
full property name 'jcifs.encoding' it will not work. Use just 'encoding'. I'll fix this in the next beta.
The 0.6 series has a similar 'jcifs.smb.client.codepage' encoding but it incorrectly assumes an
ASCII compatible character set is used. This encoding work was performed in 0.7.0b6 and
confirmed to work (at least local file.encoding of EBCDIC on OS/390 talking with non-EBCDIC
server but the effect is the same). Give it a try and let us know how it goes.

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> From:	Vinay T [SMTP:vinay.t at sun.com]
> Sent:	Wednesday, November 27, 2002 12:14 AM
> To:	jcifs at samba.org
> Subject:	[jcifs] Problem accesing shares with multibyte characters.
> hi,
>  I am trying to access a window's machine that has share names in 
> multibytes( japanese characters).
>  I am unable to get the proper share names that have multibyte 
> characters. The output got when accessing  share names seems to be 
> garbled and  accessing those shares throws "The network name cannot be 
> found".
> I have set the wins servers ip address and jcifs.encoding property 
> accordingly.
>  jcifs.encoding is set to "sjis" when working with japanese characters.
>  Are any more properties need to be set or I am missing out someother 
> settings.
> Thanks in advance,
> vinay.t

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