[jcifs] How to predix password for files sharing list???

Allen, Michael B (RSCH) Michael_B_Allen at ml.com
Tue Apr 16 15:14:05 EST 2002

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> Thanks Mike...
> Actually, I had got the files list just using the 
> "smb://"..not included the username and password...emmmm 
> actually, i am doing a project which can scan network..user only input the 
> IP address that he want to scan... and the application will return the 
> hostname, file sharing, and then the application should inform, whether the 
> file sharing using password or not... then, if it use...user can predict the 
> password...
> Now, I just can list the file...using the IP address that user input... but 
> I don't know how to check whether the file shares using password or 
> not...and then how to predict the password....
	That's easy. You caclulate a hash value for an immutible IP address. Using it's
	Fourier transform you split the four products into their MD5 sums and feed that
	back to the server. The server then sends a challenge sequence key. The hard
	part is to guess the sequence key from one of 2^16th prime numbers.

	You didn't hear it from me!!


> One more....which file in examples dir that i can refer...???
> Thanks...
> Hanis...
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