[jcifs] disconnet an user logged to my computer

Christopher R.Hertel crh at ubiqx.mn.org
Tue Apr 2 03:22:33 EST 2002

On Mon, Apr 01, 2002 at 05:13:43PM +0300, Catalin Vlad wrote:
>   How can i disconnect an user logged to my computer(of course in a LAN).
> Ex. (if you don't understand exactly)
> nbtstat -a localhost -s -> list the connection table to my computer
> net session \\workstation2 /DELETE -> disconnect un user

Note that this is a local command.  The DOS 'net' commands are used to
manipulate the status of the redirector within Windows.  jCIFS does not
operate at that level.  jCIFS deals directly with the protocol, not with
system management.

> SO I want to do this using java jcifs class.
> I am a very begginer in cifs so if you can send me some source code. It
> will be very useful for me.

There is a lot of source code available, but CIFS is a very big and very
messy protocol.  Better to start with the documentation.  The jCIFS web
page has a lot of links to good docs.

When you are ready for source code, you can look at Samba or jCIFS.  The
jCIFS source is all online on the web site.

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