[jcifs] no name with type 0x20

Michael B. Allen mballen at erols.com
Sat Sep 29 17:35:19 EST 2001

On Sat, Sep 29, 2001 at 12:12:04PM +1000, Clint Heyer wrote:
> At 10:01 AM 29/09/2001, Michael B. Allen wrote:
> >It doesn't work with the NetBIOS name?
> Nup. I've tried everything, NetBIOS, IP and hostname.
> > From those traces you sent me it
> >looks like the target is simply not responding to a node status. I'm
> >not surprised if it's some of Microsofts newer servers but it should
> >respond to the correct NetBIOS name. I suspect what smbclient is doing
> >is using the *SMBSERVER name. I thought jCIFS did this consistently
> >but from looking at the code I have found a hole where it does not. I
> >believe this may be the case here. But if the NetBIOS name doesn't work
> >there is a more serious problem. Can you double check that and send me
> >a trace please? Make sure you are using the correct name of course.
> Trace attached.
> A couple of things I haven't mentioned previously. The machine that is 
> running the jCIFS-based code is a Windows XP box,

The host machine doesn't matter. All jCIFS needs is 2 sockets. One for
the NetBIOS name service and the other for SMB transport (but you aren't
getting past name service).

> and I am using JDK 1.4. 

Doesn't matter either.

> I'm not sure if these are issues or not, simply because I can access other 
> machines ok using IP, NetBIOS or DNS naming methodologies.

What could matter is the machine jCIFS is trying to connect _to_. From
the traces it looks like it's not even trying to broadcast for that name
or query WINS. Is this trace with the default resolve order? If DNS is
being tried first the netbios name is going to fail.

I think the position I must take here is that the name service code in
general is not predictable. I am not going to loose clock cycles trying
to decipher this if I know I should rewrite it anyway. Next week I will
start to do that. Having jCIFS try the *SMBSERVER name rather than do
the Node Status first (which is what is failing) should do the trick
for you.

Don't worry, my dad's a TV repair man -- he's got a mean set a tools.


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