[jcifs] problem with smbfile.list()

Michael B. Allen mballen at erols.com
Sat Sep 29 10:15:36 EST 2001

I'm sorry, I seem to have missed this email (I think my mailboxes are
too big, I just lost that trace from Rob; seems to have disappeared into
a black hole).

Anyway, you can only list the servers of a NT Domain/Workgroup by it's
NetBIOS name. From your message it appears that you are trying to use
an IP adress? Also, jCIFS cannot list hosts of a workgroup for which
it's master browser is on another subnet. Some examples would be:

\\myworkgroup    ok - but only if it's hosts are on the local subnet
\\  no - there should not be a workgroup named ''
\\me at myworkgroup no - authentication credentials immediately eliminate wg lookup
\\nano.foo.net   no - a machine name or dns name is not a Workgroup

If you still don't think you're doing anything wrong. Please send a
-Dlog=ALL trace to mballen at erols.com.


On Thu, Sep 20, 2001 at 11:24:50PM +0200, felix.schwenk at students.uni-linz.ac.at wrote:
> if i use list() on a computer or directory it works just fine, 
> but if i try to use it on a workgroup i get: 
> java.net.UnknownHostException: no name with type 0x20 with no scope for
> host
> i'm using a win2k network but can't really figure out what i did wrong. 
> i already tried to set the broadcast adr to but it didn't 
> work.
> felix

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