[jcifs] Unicode libraries

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at samba-tng.org
Tue Sep 25 11:00:55 EST 2001

On Mon, Sep 24, 2001 at 07:56:42PM -0400, Michael B. Allen wrote:
> Incedentally, on the subject of decoding and encoding Unicode strings in
> c, I have prepared a package that attempts to abstact the particulars
> on top of iconv. The CIFS encoding is UCS-2LE (although Peter Anvin
> on linux-utf8 thought it was UTF-16LE so I'm not sure). This package
> normalizes these encodings to wchar_t. It's here:
> http://auditorymodels.org/encdec/

v. cool.  v. pleased.

> It also, handles times and of course integers. It's not perfect, but it's
> a start and at lease separates the peas and carrots. Most people don't
> like wchar_t 

too bad. ;)

> for some reason, but tell me a better internal representation
> with a portable set of string functions and I'll listen.


hey, you wanna do a wstrcat, wstrcpy, wtoupper, wtolower
etc. library?

or, does the libunicode, by the glib guys, already do this
[i don't like to use their library because they do
unicode32 not unicode16]


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