[jcifs] mapping a network drive

Allen, Michael B (RSCH) Michael_B_Allen at ml.com
Mon Sep 3 12:28:38 EST 2001

If you simply want to access a file you can use jCIFS but it doesn't used
"drive letters". If you are commited to Windows you can use a UNC path
with the plain java.io.File class like new
File("\\server\share\path\to\file.doc"). If you wan't drive letters for some
reason you must have the user "Map Network Drive" before running the
program. I don't know of a Java program that can Map Network Drive
automatically but it would not be hard to write some c to do it. You only
need jCIFS if you wan't your program to be portable or if you need to
access special low level NetBIOS/CIFS/SMB functionality.


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> I am working on a way to access shares on other
> systems on a windows platform and I need a file based
> on a drive. I am looking for a way to map the share so
> I can access it by drive letter. Is there anyway to do
> this with jcifs?
> -Forrest
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