[jcifs] Me...

Michael B. Allen mballen at erols.com
Mon Oct 15 16:04:37 EST 2001

On Sun, Oct 14, 2001 at 11:06:02PM -0500, Christopher R. Hertel wrote:
> I'm typically very noisy on the list.  I've been quiet because I've been
> amazingly swamped.  I will try to recover a bit following next week (a
> busy week for me--hopefully wrapping a few things up).
> Mike:  I've been digging into the workings of multi-homed host
>        registration and name resolution.  I don't think it's important for
>        jCIFS as we do client stuff, but there are some things that are
>        quirky.  As I get them nailed down they are going into my on-line
>        book.

Ok. I thought for sure that pseudocode I posted would still some thought
from you. Seemed like your domain.


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