[jcifs] Problems when not connected to the network

Kammerloher Josef Josef.Kammerloher at softlab.de
Thu Oct 11 22:45:20 EST 2001

I use jCifs to access virtual NT dirves which show repository objects
in a file system view, both on NT and Unix systems (Samba extension).
Everything runs okay when I am connected to the PDC.

But when I use jCifs at home without network connection,
I have two major problems:

1) the QUERY request always times out ( 2 times 15 seconds).
I only want to use local NT drives. Is there a way to make QUERY faster ?
I changed already some retryCounts and Timeout values, the behaviour
but I had no success. Can I fill the query information through the API ?

2) On NT: When I'm not connected to PDC, I can logon as a domain user
(only a warning comes up).
When I now use jCifs to access a local share (as domain user), I always
get timeout (obviously the 'logon without PDC' information is not used).
Is there a way to use jCifs without connection to the PDC ?

Thanks a lot,
jsoef.kammerloher at softlab.de

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