[jcifs] [FIXED] UnknownHostException

Michael B.Allen mballen at erols.com
Wed Nov 21 20:33:23 EST 2001

On Tue, 20 Nov 2001 07:35:21 -0500
Bruce Altner <baltner at hq.nasa.gov> wrote:

Ok Bruce, I've released jcifs-0.6b2 just for you :~) The client can now
enumerate hosts on domains of other segments just as you have tried and
previously failed to do. You should be able to see _everything_ now.

Turns out this wasn't that hard to fix. I just needed to add a little
indirection to query WINS for the 0x1b name. I didn't do the whole
mailslot mumbo-jumbo as specified in the MS docs about this but I watched
traces of several domain enums on different segments at work and the
GetBackupBrowser calls always returned the same host originally returned
by WINs. So I think skipping the backup browser stuff is ok (and faster).


> Mike:
> Yes, I think I definitely  have a "different subnet" problem here, for two 
> > >
> > > String url = "smb://"+domain;
> > >
> > > where my domain (workgroup) is specified externally, e.g., from the 
> > command
> > > line.  When I do this, however, I get
> > > an UnknownHostException from jcifs-0.6b (see below). Does that mean it is
> > > interpreting the workgroup name as a host name?
> > >
> >         If the local master browser (LMB) for a domain is on a 
> > *different* subnet jCIFS will not find it. This is sort of a bug given 
> > the interface suggests it's supported but the fix involves a
> >little more code because it has to retrive a list of LMBs from the PDC and 
> >then choose an LMB ...etc. But it's actually not that bad, I just don't 
> >have packet captures of this process. I will look

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