[jcifs] UnknownHostException

Michael B.Allen mballen at erols.com
Wed Nov 21 06:49:50 EST 2001

On Tue, 20 Nov 2001 07:35:21 -0500
Bruce Altner <baltner at hq.nasa.gov> wrote:

> Mike:
> Yes, I think I definitely  have a "different subnet" problem here, for two 
> reasons.
> a) I had a working prototype file broker that stopped working when I moved 
> it to a development machine on a different subnet. So I referenced a WINS 
> server by setting the jcifs.netbios.wins property and  then it worked (for 
> getting files from specific shares or a list of shares from specific hosts).
> b) Encountering the problem described below for getting the list of hosts 
> in a workgroup, I moved the HostLister code back to the original box and it 
> worked fine for a workgroup on that subnet but failed, with the same error, 
> for a workgroup on a different subnet.
> I'm not positive, but I think this could be a major obstacle in my team's 
> path to fame and glory on this project. Without putting any pressure on 
> you, can you give me a sense of the timeframe when you think you might be 
> able to enable lookups of the LMB within jCIFS? Is there something we can 
> do to help? For example, what do you mean by getting a "packet captures of 
> this process?" Maybe we could provide this...?

Bumped to the top of the list. Will be available in b2 within the next
couple of days. I can get the captures at work.

> Thanks for the quick reply and for the good work. Version 0.6b is about 3 
> times faster than 0.5.1 on fetching long lists of documents and their 
> attributes, according to my rough benchmark tests.

Oh good. But sounds like you really need a listFiles() method. I think
that will have to wait a little while though.


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