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Bruce Altner baltner at hq.nasa.gov
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Yes, I think I definitely  have a "different subnet" problem here, for two 

a) I had a working prototype file broker that stopped working when I moved 
it to a development machine on a different subnet. So I referenced a WINS 
server by setting the jcifs.netbios.wins property and  then it worked (for 
getting files from specific shares or a list of shares from specific hosts).

b) Encountering the problem described below for getting the list of hosts 
in a workgroup, I moved the HostLister code back to the original box and it 
worked fine for a workgroup on that subnet but failed, with the same error, 
for a workgroup on a different subnet.

I'm not positive, but I think this could be a major obstacle in my team's 
path to fame and glory on this project. Without putting any pressure on 
you, can you give me a sense of the timeframe when you think you might be 
able to enable lookups of the LMB within jCIFS? Is there something we can 
do to help? For example, what do you mean by getting a "packet captures of 
this process?" Maybe we could provide this...?

Thanks for the quick reply and for the good work. Version 0.6b is about 3 
times faster than 0.5.1 on fetching long lists of documents and their 
attributes, according to my rough benchmark tests.


At 07:40 PM 11/19/2001 -0500, you wrote:

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> > From: Bruce Altner [SMTP:baltner at hq.nasa.gov]
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> > Greetings:
> >
> > I am trying to get a list of host machines within a workgroup using
> > SmbFile.list(url) with a url specified this way:
> >
> > String url = "smb://"+domain;
> >
> > where my domain (workgroup) is specified externally, e.g., from the 
> command
> > line.  When I do this, however, I get
> > an UnknownHostException from jcifs-0.6b (see below). Does that mean it is
> > interpreting the workgroup name as a host name?
> >
>         If the local master browser (LMB) for a domain is on a 
> *different* subnet jCIFS will not find it. This is sort of a bug given 
> the interface suggests it's supported but the fix involves a
>little more code because it has to retrive a list of LMBs from the PDC and 
>then choose an LMB ...etc. But it's actually not that bad, I just don't 
>have packet captures of this process. I will look
>into it for the next beta but given the changes that have been made I felt 
>I should hold off on fixing this untill I got back to where we were.
> > The url syntax for returning a list of hosts in a workgroup and the 
> list of
> > shares on a host is the same so in this case it must think I'm asking for
> > shares and can't find the host but I'm asking for hosts by specifying the
> > domain.
> >
>         There is code in the UniAddress class that can query the network 
> to determine whether or not the name refers to a workgroup name or a 
> server name. All happends under the hood.
> >  What am I missing?
> >
>         Nothing if the LMB you're querying is on another subnet.
> >  Is it something I have to specify with
> > jcifs.Config.setProperty?
> >
> > Thanks,
> > Bruce
> >
> > Exception.getMessage() returns: HQIRMS
> >
>         Hmm, well that's not a very informative message. Need to fix that.
>         Mike

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