[jcifs] speed writing to a file?

Frank Xia FXia at esri.com
Sat Nov 17 04:31:12 EST 2001

I just downloaded the jCIFS 0.51 and felt it's really easy to use but I got
some questions about its speed. I tested with my own application running in
one desktop and write a file to another desktop. The speed to write a 16K
JPEG file (smb://desktop2/public/test.jpeg) comparing with direct writing
through mapping such as \\desktop2\public\test.jpeg is at least 5 times
slower. Is this about right? 
My second question is that why the speed to write a file to a local disk
(smb://desktop1/public/test.jpeg) even worse than to a disk in another
machine. Did I miss something? 
Any idea? 
Thanks a lot

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