How jCIFS Works #2 [was RE: [jcifs] jCIFS and Share name length?]

rjw rob at
Fri Nov 16 13:10:42 EST 2001

Allen, Michael B (RSCH) wrote:

>>With the URL encoding/decoding fix I made, spaces work just great.
> 	Well, the real issue is the '@' sign.

Right, the spaces was a side effect of a bad fix for @'s. I've got both 
working now.

> 	Don't think headers. Protocols that use headers like http are telnet based protocols. CIFS
> 	is a binary protocol. For example if you look at the document that describes the Remote
> 	Access Protocol (RAP):

When I said header I should have been more clear and said a flag in the 
header. I was thinking that setting a bit in the flag or flag2 portion 
of the header might do it. But, doesn't look that way... I was also 
thinking that using an identifier other than "NT LM 0.12" might be the 
trick, but looks that's a dead end as well.

> 	So to get back to the question, there are no headers and the NetShareEnum RAP does not
> 	have a field that allows you to specify how many characters of the share name should be
> 	returned. See the problem? So we're basically SOL. There are however, HUNDREDS of
> 	RAP calls. I've attached a list. I've only implemented 2 (NetServerEnum2 and
> 	NetShareEnum) because that's all I needed and I wanted to keep things simple at the time.
> 	However adding new ones is trivial as you can see from the class for
> 	example. It is just possible that one may retrieve that extra share information in Unicode.
Hm.. I'll have a look at those RAP calls and see if there's anything there. I agree that adding new calls is pretty trivial, so maybe that will work for me. Thanks, again, Mike!


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