[jcifs] jCIFS and Share name length?

rjw rob at wygand.com
Thu Nov 15 11:57:48 EST 2001

Ah, sorry, my bad. I'm just poking around trying to find the problem and 
saw that... it's totall undocumented, and it stuck out in my mind as a a 
16 char limit, so I jumped on it. =)

Allen, Michael B (RSCH) wrote:

> see how it works. Unfortunately I only have NT4 and Win98 at the moment which both only
> allow 13 character shares (I think). I need to get my hands on Win2K and XP soon (just got a
> new disk so I have the space).

FYI, we're running NT 4.0 sp6 and it allows share names with spaces, -'s 
and longer than 16 chars. I think it was introduced in one of the 
service packs...


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