[jcifs] jCIFS 0.5 is Now Final

Michael B. Allen mballen at erols.com
Sun Jul 29 18:56:23 EST 2001

The 0.5 series has been out there long enough. I found a little bug in
renameTo (it seemed to think it never fails) but mainly I have just been
working on API documentation. The files are up and hopefully Chris will
have no problem checking in the http://auditorymodels.org/jcifs/index.html
now that we;re using CVS for web pages (I've been reading up on ssh config
Chris, I think I'll have to try and send you a new public key to try).

For 0.6 I think the new Exception handling will be dropped in first but
I'd also like to attack the docs/todo.txt list. Lot's of stuff on my mind
not even listed in there; XFileAccessor, DCE/RPC passthough authentication
for a Servlet authentication module, RandomAccessFile, JFileChooser (one
that can browse the entire network like Windows'), copyTo that's optimized
for copying entire directories across hosts, perhaps a traverse() method
that would provide objects that implement the Visitor interface with
highly detailed info about files and directories traversed using DFS
(jcifs.smb.Toolkit.findMp3s() ? ;-), ... and on and on and on ...

Now things are starting to get interesting,

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