[jcifs] querying a wins server for a list of workgroups

Christopher R. Hertel crh at ubiqx.mn.org
Sun Jul 29 06:09:11 EST 2001

"Michael B. Allen" wrote:
> > Also, what I was talking about above was querying remote *Local* Master
> > Browsers, not the Domain Master Browser.  Querying the DMB was an idea
> > you
> You have to use 0x1B. You cannot find an LMB on another subnet.

...unless you know it's IP, but LMBs are dynamic so you'd have to have
very good control over the network.  Talking to a remote LMB is possible,
but it's not reliable enough to be supported by the SMB URL.

> > Note that there is no real advantage to getting the browse list from
> > the DMB instead of the LMB.  The DMB might have more up-to-date
> > information about
> Again, no choice here. This could all be moot however because the only
> way to know for sure is to watch NT. Even if it uses the MSRPC call
> to retrieve the list it still has to go throught the same name service
> hoops. We'll just copy that as usuall and then use RAP instead.

The thing I forgot to say was that accessing the 0x1B name can be done
from outside the NetBIOS namespace, so you could use this to query browse
lists on remote networks simply by setting the right WINS server IP in your
config.  If there are no sync'd LMBs on your subnet, this would work nicely.

Amazing stuff...

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