[jcifs] Demo Project

Christopher R. Hertel crh at ubiqx.mn.org
Thu Jul 26 04:00:03 EST 2001

Hey folks.

Who out there would be willing to donate a jCIFS-based GUI application to
browse the network using SMB URLs?  :)

I'll be out at the CIFS conference at the end of August (less than a
month!).  I plan on using Mike's code to do the demo.  The SmbShell
utility should do very nicely.  A graphical version, while less technially
appealing, might do well at capturing the audience's attention.  If
someone were to do this, it would need to clearly display the SMB URL
string (big text in a big text box) somewhere in the application so that
SMB URL form can be demonstrated.  I imagine that it would be 90% gui code
and only 10% adapted from SmbShell.

Anyone have time to make such a thing fly?

Chris -)-----

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