[jcifs] Spaces in Share names.

Allen, Michael B (RSCH) Michael_B_Allen at ml.com
Fri Dec 21 17:25:15 EST 2001

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> From:	Rob Wygand [SMTP:rob at filefish.com]
> Aha!
> That explains my confusion! I thought NT LM 1.0 was the latest, so I 
> could not figure out how things were being differetiated.
> I also have Mr. Leighton's book, though I must admit I have not yet had 
> time to read it.
	Before you try you'll need to understand the different layers:

	NetBIOS Session Service
	(not really that important really)

	The Server Message Block layer
	(might get away with a superficial knowledge of this)

	The "Transaction" Style subprotocol
	(definately need to know the flow of this and the difference between setup, parameters, and data)

	Note: this are all layered one right on top of one another. Think "Recursive Composition".

	You'll also need netmon.exe and Ethereal to get a look at how the messages look "on the wire". Everything is in binary too so you have to be able to see like 0x8001 has the first and last bits
flipped on etc. Then you have too look at the LANMAN enryption http://ubiqx.org/cifs/rfc-draft/draft-leach-cifs-v1-spec-02.html#s2.10. I think some kind of permutation of this encryption technique is
used to encrypt the payload of all DCE RPC messages. That's about where I'm at now.


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