[jcifs] Spaces in Share names.

Rob Wygand rob at filefish.com
Fri Dec 21 13:45:29 EST 2001

Right. Single-user I saw no perf gain. But under some load I saw 2-40x 
increases. The 40x were on directories with ~200 files, so I am guessing 
there is some sort of non-linear increase based on number of files. =)

Good to know about the attrExpirationPeriod bit.


Allen, Michael B (RSCH) wrote:

>>-----Original Message-----
>>From:	Rob Wygand [SMTP:rob at filefish.com]
>>>	Great. If you're using listFiles FYI I aready know I'm going to take
>>>	out the MalformedURL and UnknownHosts exceptions.
>>Heh, okay, I am using listFiles() and have noticed some very nice gains 
>>under load.
> 	Oh, good point. I was timing individual directory listings which didn't
> 	should any real improvement. Also, if you list really big directories
> 	(e.g. > 15000 files) you'll need to bump up the attrExpirationPeriod.
> 	If the listing takes longer than attrExpirationPeriod the client will start
> 	to query the server on each file again and performace will go down the
> 	tubes.
> 	Mike

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