[jcifs] Problems with SmbInputStream.skip() method...

Torgny Johansson torjo845 at student.liu.se
Sun Dec 16 01:45:53 EST 2001


I'm using the SmbInputStream to download files and I was trying to implement
resuming of unfinished downloads. I did this by checking how large the local
file was and then sending that to SmbInputStream.skip() method. However it
seems that the skip() method takes very long time if you've already
downloaded a large part of the remote file and have to skip many bytes
before you should start reading.

Since the skip() method is inherited from io.InputStream I suppose that this
problem isn't in jcifs, so what would the right approach be to start reading
from a specified offset from the remote file?

Thanks alot.

/Torgny Johansson

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