[jcifs] Re: Problem with method SmbFile.exists() in jcifs-0.6b3

Tsvetan Nachev ts_nachev at prosyst.bg
Sat Dec 15 02:31:01 EST 2001

Hello all, 

For my suprise this problem does not exist when using the older version 0.5.1.
I test it under the same conditions and it worked just fine. 
So now i am sure that there is a problem with this method in 0.6b3.
Hope there will be some solution of this problem soon.

And a suggestion:
Support of File Filtering will be a perfect feature of this client. Now i have to make my own filtering in order to get only the folders of a certain network resource.

And last for this post I would like to say to Rob Wygand that java.io.File also treats 'pagefile.sys' in its own way. Its length cannot be returned properly. Calling isFile() and isDirectory() on it both return false.

Best Regards, 
Tsvetan Nachev
Prosyst Bulgaria Ltd., mBuilder PGUI, programmer
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  Subject: Problem with method SmbFile.exists() in jcifs-0.6b3

  Hello all, 

  I have encountered a problem using method public boolean exists defined in the SmbFile class. First time i call it this method returns false, the second time i invoke exists method it returns a proper value. Sometimes it returns a wrong value in any case. I've checked the file - it is created with the constructor SmbFile( "smb://", <full_filepath> ) with correctly defined domain name, username and password, and path to this network resource. Despite the described situation when I call method exists() on this resource it returns false. I am sure that this resource exists on the remote host and I have rights to read it.
  Do you have any ideas why it happens this way?
  I am looking forward for your reply. Thank you in advance.

  Best Regards, 
  Tsvetan Nachev
  Prosyst Ltd., mBuilder PGUI, programmer
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