[jcifs] canRead always returning false

Rob Wygand rob at filefish.com
Fri Dec 14 08:06:30 EST 2001

Sorry, I meant to mention that I tried attrExpirationperiod=0, to no 
effect. I thought for sure that would solve it... oh well. =) Curious to 
see the results for your multi-threaded barrage...


Michael B. Allen wrote:

> On Thu, 13 Dec 2001 12:41:23 -0800
> Rob Wygand <rob at filefish.com> wrote:
>>I'm basically only seeing wierdness in my app. Both your little test, 
>>and a much larger test of my own devising (it's a command-line version 
>>of our web-based product) always return the right results.
>>So, it's either something very obscure that I'm hitting, or it's 
>>something I'm doing wrong. I've had some people here do a quicl code 
>>review of the stuff on top of jCIFS and it looks okay. So, I'm 
>>confounded and confused.
>>I've worked around this for now by not calling canRead(), so it's not a 
>>giant issue. It's just weird.
> Have you tried changing attrExpirationPeriod=0? It's entirely possible
> there is some kind of weird crap going on under the hood. I haven't done
> the full array of multi-threaded torture tests yet. I'm gearing up for
> that though so we'll see RSN. If you can get a -Dlog=ALL of one of these
> wierd canRead calls I'll take a look.
> Mike

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