[jcifs] 0.6 speed!

Michael B.Allen mballen at erols.com
Fri Dec 7 07:19:40 EST 2001

On Thu, 6 Dec 2001 11:23:36 -0800
"Kurien Mathew" <kurien at envivio.com> wrote:

> I would agree too. Performance has improved considerably.
> However when I execute "java SmbCrawler smb://workgroup 1" there is a
> consistent 6 sec delay just before my host is listed. The remote hosts are
> listed without any delay.
> Any particular reason?

When jCIFS looks up a hostname or workgroup name, it looks to see if you
have an lmhosts file and if so looks for the name in it. Then it checks
to see if you have specified a wins server. If so, it ties that. If it
fails it does a broadcast query. Then jCIFS waits 3 seconds and tries
another broadcast query. Finally it tries the local DNS resolver. Now
all of this can be changed with the resolveOrder propery but if a name
service failure is occuring it will take "6 sec".

However, you say a *host* is listed? Looks like you are trying a workgroup
name? There might be some monkey business going on. I'd appreciate it
if you would send me a -Dlog=ALL trace of that. Also, try to simpify
what's causing the error. Maybe the Exists or List examples do it too?


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