[distcc] Parsing in distcc pump mode (path problems - "No such file or directory")

Gordon Jess gordonmjess at gmail.com
Wed Mar 1 11:30:34 UTC 2017

I am having issues with strange file paths when parsing c file in distcc's
pump-mode (distcc's plain mode works just fine).

I'm running on Cygwin64, in a system with also uses both CMake and Ninja.
The compiler is not GCC.

I have tried tracing the issue in the source but the indexing of paths is
rather complicated and I hoped someone more familiar with it can offer some
hints/tips as to what the problem may be.  As a user I cannot spend too
much time patching code to suit me.

The error messages I receive are in the format:

WARNING include server: Preprocessing locally. Include server not covering:
Parse file: '/cygdrive/c/*<project base>*/*<path to build.ninja directory>*
/C:\*<project base>*\*<path to source>*\example.c': [Errno 2] No such file
or directory: '/cygdrive/c/*<project base>*/*<path to build.ninja
directory>*/C:\\*<project base>*\\*<path to source>*\\example.c' for
translation unit 'C:\*<project base>*\*<path to source>*\example.c'

(*<path to build.ninja directory>* is also the base for the output files)

I should also mention that I made 1 modification to include_server:

In "compiler_defaults.py", function "_SystemSearchdirsGCC":

Removed the function body as it only works for GCC, and replaced with a
single path to the compilers default include path.

Any suggestions are much appreciated.

Thanks in advance!
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