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joliezhang10 joliezhang10 at gmail.com
Sun Feb 1 05:20:44 MST 2015

It had errors with below:
"distcc.log" 11374 lines, 1495975 characters 
Fri Jan 30 15:15:48 CST 2015
distcc[16477] distcc 2.18.3 sparc-sun-solaris2.8; built Jun 11 2007 14:00:40
distcc[16477] safeguard level=0
distcc[16477] compiler name is "distcc"
distcc[16477] scanning arguments: /opt/SUNWspro/prod/bin/CC -DIMAP_TAO_UNIX -DIMAP_TAO -KPIC -mt -g -instances=static -xMMD -xMF lib/CellViewMgr.d -DCME_WORKSPACEMGR_BUILD_DLL -DSUN -DACE_HAS_EXPLICIT_TEMP
distcc[16477] gcc's -x handling is complex; running locally
distcc[16477] got cpu lock on localhost slot 0 as fd5
distcc[16477] exec on localhost: /opt/SUNWspro/prod/bin/CC -DIMAP_TAO_UNIX -DIMAP_TAO -KPIC -mt -g -instances=static -xMMD -xMF lib/CellViewMgr.d -DCME_WORKSPACEMGR_BUILD_DLL -DSUN -DACE_HAS_EXPLICIT_TEMPL
distcc[16477] note state 5, file "(NULL)", host "localhost"
distcc[16477] child started as pid16482
distcc[16482] setting safeguard: _DISTCC_SAFEGUARD=1
My analyse to the errors as follows,
1.My dISTCC install successed because using DISTCC code compile is workable
2. this errors occured when running in other codes 
My guessing is the erros caused by "makefile"
can you pls help to dig out the root cause. 

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