[distcc] DISTCC_POTENTIAL_HOSTS, localhost, and slots

Dave Abrahams dave at boostpro.com
Tue May 13 23:16:33 MDT 2014

DISTCC_POTENTIAL_HOSTS seems like a great idea; as I scale up the build
farm I’d like to be able to deal with unavailability, but I’m having
trouble getting it to work right.

First, after much fooling around I surmise two undocumented facts(?)

1. it adds ,lzo,cpp to all the hosts implicitly
2. it only accepts bare host names, not the usual
@?hostname/<slots>(,<extension>)* syntax

Is that correct?  If so, it would be good if these things were documented
explicitly somewhere.

Also, if I want localhost to be one of the hosts, it looks like I need to
run distccd there.  That doesn’t seem like the most efficient thing to do,
since normal local compilation will presumably have fewer layers to work
through.  Am I mistaken?

Lastly, I’ve only been able to get it to run the default 6 (?) slots per
host using DISTCC_POTENTIAL_HOSTS.  My .distcc/hosts file looks like this,
and has been working pretty well:


Is there any way to get an effect like that using DISTCC_POTENTIAL_HOSTS,
i.e. 10 slots per host, no local distccd?


Dave Abrahams
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