[distcc] Errors while using DISTCC

yudhistir reddy yudhistir.reddy at gmail.com
Tue Feb 25 05:01:46 MST 2014


I am new to DISTCC . I feel its great tool . I am just started exploring it

DISTCC used :  distcc/3.1 version .

I am compiling source code on Linux (Ubuntu) machine . Distcc is
complaining for below errors

Issue 1 :
cc: error: unrecognized option '-G0'

Compiler tool chain is for powerpc . This is happening for other machine
arch also .

Just for info about -G0 option .
"-G num
    Put definitions of externally-visible data in a small data section if
that data is no bigger than num bytes. GCC can then generate more efficient
accesses to the data; see -mgpopt for details.

    The default -G option depends on the configuration."

If i donot use DISTCC then i donot see this error from compiler . I am
using gcc 4.2.1 compiler .

Issue 2:

gcc: cannot specify -o with -c or -S with multiple files .

I am getting this errror while generating the .bin for with mips64 compiler
I donot see this error without DISTCC .

Can you pls help me . Any help on this would be much appreciated .

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