[distcc] updates to distcc manager

Alex Mohr amohr at adobe.com
Tue Mar 12 23:29:31 MDT 2013

So at long last I've replaced my distcc manager tool with a python script
(doesn't everything eventually get replaced by a script *g*) .  I consider
it post alpha quality, it works fairly well as is.


 - don't need to download toolchains anymore, they're auto NFS mounted
across network from client that initiated compile
- don't need to create or manage toolchains
 - this actually runs pump for you too
 - easier for people to contribute to
 - easier to get to run on multiple platforms
 - much lower in terms of resources used

To use:

 - download distccManager.py from sourceforge
 - you may need to install python3.3 and some modules.  For tips how to do
this read top of the python script
 - run client: ./distccManager.py -mode client [-compiler_root
 - compile as normal!

 - Have a new toolchain to add?  Edit COMPILER_ROOTS
 - If you'd like to override the number of Xcode parallel compiles call
drmManager.py with -xcode_tasks NUM

To contribute:
  - https://sourceforge.net/p/distccmanager

- perhaps make distcc/distccd a python script as well and integrate it
into the Pyro4 objects? :)

Any issues let me know!

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